JQuery – Features

What are the features of JQuery ?

Basic features of JQuery :

1. Less code :

It helps us to write less code and do more javascript library.

2. Easy access :

It helps us to make the use of javascript libraries much easier.

3. Effects and animations :

It helps in designing animations in HTML documents.

4. Ajax calls :

It simplifies the Ajax calls operations.

5. Extensibility :

It can be used widely in all frameworks.

6. DOM element selections functions :

It makes user effortless in selecting and calling functions of DOM elements.

7. Events :

HTML Events are handled in an effective way.

8. CSS manipulation :

Supports the CSS file manipulation.

9. Utilities :

It supports the maximum of all browser versions.

10. Javascript Plugins :

It supports all the Javascript plugins.

11. Documentations :

JQuery provides clear documentations for usage and implementations.

12. Source :

Its open source and free to use.

13. Theme :

It provides powerful themes.

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JQuery UI Features :

JQuery UI features can be categorized in to four parts.

1. Interactions

It is a set of plug-ins which allows users to interact with DOM elements.

Some of the mostly used interactions are Draggable,Droppable,Resizeable,Selectable,Sortable etc.

2. Widgets

It is the jQuery plug-ins which allow you to create user interface elements like date picker, progress bar etc.

Some of the mostly used widgets are Accordion,Autocomplete,Dialog,Button,Date Picker,Menu,Progress Bar,Tabs,Tooltip,Slider,Spinner etc.

3. Effects

The jQuery effects contains custom animation and transition for DOM elements.

Some of the mostly used effects are Hide, Show, Add Class, Remove Class, Switch Class, Toggle Class, Color Animation, Effect, Toggle etc.

4. Utilities

It is used to set the position of the element according to the other element’s alignment (position).