HTML – Building Blocks

Any programming language consists of syntax and certain rules to be followed to achieve the best results.

Programmers should follow the language protocols’ to achieve the better results.

What is a building block in programming ?

This is defined as the set of rules to be followed for a programming language, when followed it defines the structure of the program.

Grouping of the code should be done by following the rules by which we can attain the perfect structure of the program.

This grouping of the code is the building blocks of the programming language.

What is a building block in HTML ?

HTML elements are the building blocks of the HTML web page.

The elements consist of a pair of tags (starting and ending tags) and the textual or graphical content inside of the tags.

The syntax of the HTML elements and tags are so easy to learn.

What are the two blocks of HTML ?

There are two basic building blocks of HTML, they are

1. Elements

2. Tags

In HTML we can write code in any format like both in upper and lowercase characters.

1. Elements

HTML element is defined as webpage content enclosed by a start tag and an end tag.

<tagname>Content goes here...</tagname>

All HTML elements have a start tag and the end tag.

2. Tags

HTML tag surrounds the meaningfull content and  Its written between < and > brackets.

Tags have the start and end position for the HTML elements.

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Basic building block in HTML

1. <html> </html>

All HTML codes must be enclosed between basic HTML tags.

2. <head> </head>

HTML <head></head> contains all the header information of the web page or document like the title of the page and other miscellaneous information.

These informations are enclosed within head tags.

3. <title></title>

HTML <title></title> tag is used to mention the title of a web page.

4. <body></body>

HTML body tag contains the actual body of the page which will be visible to all the users.

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Example :

    <title>Webpage Title</title>
    <!--Contents of the webpage-->
    <p>This containes the contents of the web page</p>

Output :

Other tags will be discussed in the future chapters.

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