JavaScript – HTML DOM Events

What are HTML DOM events ?

In HTML, DOM (Document Object Model) events allows to call the event driving handlers or listeners on the element nodes in HTML webpage.

What are the other event driven programming language ?

Along with javaScript, JScript, ECMAScript, VBScript and Java are considered as event driven programming language.

These languages drives the event handlers in HTML,XHTML, XUL, and SVG documents.

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What are the basic HTML/DOM events ?

Here is the list of basic HTML/DOM events,

SnoHTML DOM EventDescription
1onclickThis occurs when element is clicked.
2ondblclickThis occurs when element is double-clicked.
3onfocusThis occurs when an element gets focus such as button, input, textarea etc.
4onblurThis occurs when form looses the focus from an element.
5onsubmitThis occurs when a form is submitted.
6onmouseoverThis occurs when the mouse is moved over an element.
7onmouseoutThis occurs when the mouse is moved out from an element (after being moved over).
8onmousedownThis occurs when the mouse button is pressed over an element.
9onmouseupThis occurs when the mouse is released from an element (after the mouse is pressed).
10onloadThis occurs when document, object or frameset is loaded.
11onunloadThis occurs when body or frameset is unloaded.
12onscrollThis occurs when a document is scrolled.
13onresizedThis occurs when a document is resized.
14onresetThis occurs when the form is reset.
15onkeydownThis occurs when the key is being pressed.
16onkeypressThis occurs when the user presses the key.
17onkeyupThis occurs when the key is released.