JavaScript – document getElementsByTagName

What is document.getElementsByTagName() method in Javascript ?

Document getElementsByTagName() method returns the collection of all the elements for the provided tag name.

Syntax :


document :

This refers the current document (ie) HTML page.

name :

This refers to the “name” of the elements

The special string “*” represents all elements.

return value :

This function returns the collection of matched/found elements listed in order for the provided tag name.

If the “name” element doesn’t exist, It returns “null”

We can also find the length of the elements by


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1. document.getElementsByTagName(“name”).length;

In this example we have 5 paragraph tags, 3 H1 tags and 2 H2 tags.

We want to find the count of each tag by clicking the buttons.And printing the count of each tags next to the buttons.

Example :

<!DOCTYPE html>

		<title>Our title</title>
			width: 30%;
			height: 30%;
			padding: 20px;
			margin: 10px;
			border: 2px solid green;
			font-size: 20px;
			width: 30%;
			height: 30%;
			margin: 10px;
			border: 2px solid green;
			padding: 20px;
			font-size: 20px;
		.b1, .b2, .b3, .b4, .b5, .s1, .s2, .s3, .s4, .s5{
			font-size: 20px;
			function getCountP1() { 
			var pid1 = document.getElementsByTagName("p"); 
		var sid1 = document.getElementById("sid1"); 
                        sid1.innerHTML = sid1.innerHTML + "" +  pid1.length;
			function getCountH1() { 
                        var hid1 = document.getElementsByTagName("h1"); 
                        var sid2 = document.getElementById("sid2"); 
                        sid2.innerHTML = sid2.innerHTML + "" +  hid1.length;
			function getCountH2() { 
                        var hid2 = document.getElementsByTagName("h2"); 
                        var sid3 = document.getElementById("sid3"); 
                        sid3.innerHTML = sid3.innerHTML + "" +  hid2.length;

		<div id="dId-1">
			<p>This is Paragraph1 P1</p>
			<p>This is Paragraph2 P2</p>
			<p>This is Paragraph3 P3</p>
			<p>This is Paragraph4 P4</p>
			<p>This is Paragraph5 P5</p>
			<h1>This is Heading1 H1</h1>
			<h1>This is Heading2 H1</h1>
			<h1>This is Heading3 H1</h1>
			<h2>This is Heading1 H2</h2>
			<h2>This is Heading1 H3</h2>
		<div id="dId-2">
			<button class="b1" onclick="getCountP1()">Get Paragraph Count</button>
			<span id="sid1" style="padding-left:20px;"></span><br/><br/> 
			<button class="b2" onclick="getCountH1()">Get H1 count</button>
			<span id="sid2" style="padding-left:20px;"></span><br/><br/>
			<button class="b3" onclick="getCountH2()">Get H2 count</button>
			<span id="sid3" style="padding-left:20px;"></span><br/><br/>

Output :

1. Before the executing the function

2. After the executing the function