HTML – Entity

What is an entity ?

Entity is something has a real existence, distinct or independent.

What is an HTML entity ?

HTML entity is a portion/piece of text string which begins with ampersand ( & ) and ends with a semicolon ( ; )

These entities are used to display the reserved and invisible characters.

Reserved characters are string which is interpreted as HTML code in webpage.

Invisible characters are like non-breaking spaces etc.

Entity names we are using is case sensitive.

How HTML entity is used ?

We can insert/replace characters that are not present on your keyboard by entities.

If we want to use greater-than (<) or less-than (>) symbol in text, the browser will mix these symbols with HTML tags, to avoid these problems HTML entities are used.

Entities are also used to insert add, delete icons , geometric shapes, mathematical operators etc.

HTML coding for a website !!!

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Types of letters used in HTML

There are two special types of letters used in HTML, they are

1. Normal characters.

2. Marks/Glyph characters.

1.Normal / Commonly used HTML Character Entities

2.Diacritical Marks/Glyph in HTML

Marks/glyph characters are also called as diacritical mark.

Diacritical marks can be used both anywhere inside the letter.

It may be used in above/below/inside a letter, and also between two letters.