HTML Tags – Acronym Tag

What is an <acronym> Acronym/Abbreviation Tag in HTML ?

HTML <acronym> tag represents the acronym or abbreviation of the word.

HTML <acronym> tag starts with the opening <acronym> and closing tag</acronym>.

The “title” is an important attribute used with the <acronym> element.

“title” attribute should contain human-readable description or expansion of the abbreviation.

<acronym> tags is removed in HTML5, HTML5 recommends to use <abbr> tag instead of <acronym> tag.

<acronym> element only supports the global attributes.

Syntax :

<acronym title = "Some text"> Some Text </acronym>

Example :

                <title>My Webpage</title>
                <p>US stands for <acronym title = "United States">United States</acronym></p>
                <p>IN stands for <acronym title = "India">India</acronym></p>
                <p>APJ stands for <acronym title = "Abdul Kalaam">APJ Abdul Kalaam</acronym></p>
                <p>WHO stands for <acronym title = "World Health Organisation">World Health Organisation</acronym></p>
                <p>EC stands for <acronym title = "European Community">European Community</acronym></p>

Output :

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Global Attributes

<acronym> tag supports global attributes listed below,

1idunique_nameDeclared unique id for an element.
2classclass_nameDeclared one or more classnames for an element.
3stylestylesCSS inline styles specify an element.
4titletitleSpecify extra details of element contain, this will display as a “tooltip” for an elements.

Event Attributes

<acronym> tag supports the Event attributes listed below,

1onfocusscriptelement gets focus on object when script tobe run.
2onblurscriptelement lose the focus on object when scrip tobe run.
3onclickscriptclicked on object when script tobe run.
4ondblclickscriptdouble click on object when script tobe run.
5onkeydownscriptkey is pressed when script tobe run.
6onkeypressscriptkey is pressed over element then released when script tobe run.
7onkeyupscriptkey is released over element when script tobe run.
8onmousedownscriptmouse button was pressed over an element when script tobe run.
9onmouseoutscriptmouse pointer release over an element when script tobe run.
10onmousemovescriptrun mouse pointer moved when script tobe run.
11onmouseoverscriptrun mouse pointer move over when script tobe run.
12onmouseupscriptmouse button is released when script tobe run.

Browser Compatibility

6Internet ExplorerYes


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